Halloween Approaches and The Holidays are in the Air!!

This will be what I think will be a short but informative post! We have really so many things to do in this season, this blogger can not possibly tell you everything!! I am attempting to touch on many, but believe me, you will have plenty to do when visitinghalloween-witch Tyler. Just staying at The Rosevine Inn Bed and Breakfast and Extended Stay Lodging is and adventure in itself.  The barn is decorated and ready for fun and games. Of course, the games are always available, The fireplace is roaring, the hammocks upstairs are ready for and afternoon nap, the pool table is ready for someone to sink those balls, and the treehouse is waiting for come convivial conversations!

Lets start where we left off on the last blog!

All month long (and actually all year long) you can book a ghost tour!            Every Fri, and Sat – Ghost Tours at 9 :30pm.  Not for the squeemish or ghostvery young.  $15 per adult, $7 per child 12yrs & under.**no alcohol or inebriated passengers allowed  Seating is limited.  Make reservations now by calling 214-621-6071 or by purchasing tickets by clicking on this link  http://www.toursoftyler.com/touring_options                               

      We usually feature the great shows at  liberty-hall-logo The big show for Halloween has a repeat performance-it has become a tradition The Rocky Horror Picture Show                                                         It is a different kind of audience participation movie. Many dress up like the characters in the show. The movie begins with a young engaged couple whose car breaks down in the rain near a castle where they seek a telephone to call for help. The castle is occupied by strangers in elaborate costumes celebrating.  It will show on Oct 29th at 8 and 11 pm.

The liberty will also show some fund comedy the next weekend                                                                Funny  Alpha Dogs                                                              Saturday, Nov. 5 at p.m.                                       Tickets are $15     Thirty-five-year comic veteran, Mark Klein, and his partner in comedic crime Jeff Love have a lot in common. They run businesses, fry turkeys, sip bourbon, bet on horses.

Now for the really big event for many in the area 

OCTOBER 29 & 30, 2016 

at the Lone Star Event Center!

There will be lots of celebs and fun. Some of the big names are Kevin McNally, Rick Worthy, Greg Travis, Vernon Wells and many many more!!

click here  http://www.toursoftyler.com/tyler_rose_city_comic_con to get tickets and find out more! Not to be missed!!

Two more things we want to be sure you know about is canton trade days logo

Thew next date is November 3-6, 2016

Go to the last Trades Day before daylight savings time ends!!  Get all your Christmas Shopping taken care of and you will, of course, want to stay at The Rosevine INN!!

Fall Foliage Brunch Train

Sunday, November 6 at 10:15 am.  At The Texas Sate Railroad

This is the last chance to enjoy a leisurely ride through the Piney Woods before they gear up for THE POLAR EXPRESS™ Train Ride! The firstproxy cold snap triggers the changing of the seasons in the East Texas Forest country. The Fall Foliage Brunch Train is designed to give nature lovers the best opportunity to view this annual show close-up.  This train departs from the Palestine Depot at 10:15 am and returns to the depot approximately 2:45 pm.

**No special food requests are available.**Reservations must be booked by 5 p.m. Wednesday, November 2nd.    Here is a link for you to book your ticket!                  https://www.texasstaterr.com/ride/fall-foliage-brunch-train/

So come one-come all to East Texas-Tyler that is!! Stay at                     The Rosevine Inn Bed and Breakfast and Extended Stay Lodging

You will have so much fun!!

Last but not least-I want to say Happy Birthday to my nephew Jacob! His flagbirthday is November 1st. He is in Afghanistan for this birthday this year. thank you Jacob for defending our freedoms.  Please  pray for him and all of our brave soldiers!!

See you soon here where fires burn nightlyfireplace-courtyard

and breakfast is served daily!!

Until next time                                                 Innkeeper Becca signing off!!



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