History of Continental Breakfasts

I found this on on a site called Trivia Genius. Thought people who enjoy our Breakfast setting at Rosevine Innwonderful full breakfast might find the article interesting. If you visit us and every prefer a Continental Breakfast-just ask and we will accommodate you.                                                                  At Rosevine Inn we serve breakfast family style in our dining room. It creates a great venue for our guests get to know one another and so much convivial conversations happen- it is truly amazing. Many of guests have found that they have so much in common.

Now for the history of Continental Breakfast.

No matter where you go, you’re sure to find plenty of hotels that offer some sort of continental breakfast. The complimentary morning meal is a familiar and often comforting part of life on the road. Upon waking up, you’re greeted with an array of fruits, cereals, pastries, and, sometimes even pancakes, waffles, and omelettes, offering just enough fuel for the day ahead. The continental breakfast has been a popular part of traveling for over a hundred years.baked pastries on brow table

Before digging into the history, there’s one question we have to ask: Where does the name “continental” come from?

The name has nothing to do with tectonic plates, but actually refers to the light morning meals preferred by the countries of mainland Europe — otherwise known as continental countries. While the people of Great Britain and the United States typically preferred a major meal in the morning involving several dishes—such as meats, pastries, beans, breads and jams—continental countries preferred smaller morning fare. Continental breakfasts became popular for being a more delicate alternative to the traditional heavy breakfasts of Great Britain and the United States.

Continental breakfasts started gaining popularity in the United States toward the end of the 19th century. As overall industry developed, the country became more urbanized, and working hours became longer. People had less time to enjoy massive sit-down breakfasts. Continental breakfasts offered a way to grab a quick bite to eat in the morning without all Rolls and coffeethe time-consuming effort.

The first known usage of the term “continental breakfast” appeared in a magazine called “The Sanitarian” in 1896, although by that time, continental breakfasts had already become rather popular. Early continental breakfasts were even smaller than what they are now. Sometimes it was as simple as a roll with your tea or coffee.

While now many hotels offer some sort of “breakfast” in the morning for their guests, you can be assured the meal is nothing compared to what you will get at Bed and Breakfast. Most, if not all, B and B’s take great pride in the morning meal. They whip delicious homemade goodies for the guest. We (meaning BnB owners) are more than happy to accommodate your needs. So if you just want a bowl of cereal-just ask! 

Be assured that we are doing our best to provide a safe and clean environment for Fire burning in Courtyard fireplaceeveryone who visits us.  When you are ready we will be here  WHERE

Fires burn nightly and Breakfast is served daily!                                                                 Your Innkeeper Becca signing off


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