Dog Days Of Summer-What Does It Mean!

We have all heard of the dog days of Summer. Lets explore the meaning. Whethe temperatures get in the 90″s in Texas, we all have decided that the “dog days” of summer have arrived. What in the world do dogs have to do with the hot summer?FOR THE ANSWER WE HAVE TO ONLY LOOK UP AT NIGHT-TO THE STARS.

The ancients (Egyptians, Romans and Greeks) noticed when the Sirius is the brightest in the sky is when the the most intense heat occurs. In ancient Greek Sirius means glowing or scorcher. The star is a part of the constellation Canis Major, which is latin for greater dog! The Dog Star, along with it’s smaller “PAL”  Sirius B in the Canis Minor constellations, forms a sky picture of dogs on the heels of the hunter Orion. Orion is a major constellation in the night sky.

The Romans referred to this sweltering period as the days of the dog star. In the 1500’s the English speakiking world started to call the same hot time the “dog days’ on the astronomical calender.

So, Groucho says don’t blame us felines for the rather warm days of August. We are happy to offer you nice air conditioning in the houses and the barn has a great breeze with the large fans blowing all day and into the evening. Come by and visit any time of year. The Rosevine Inn is ready for you! Hope to see you soon.


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